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Welcome to The Black TCK, my little corner of the internet where I try to change the narratives of black people throughout the diaspora through the promotion of education, entrepreneurship, art creation and analysis. I'm so glad that you are here. For more about me and about the website check out the About section of the blog. 


I  use unorthodox storytelling to help creatives and businesses to connect with their perfect customer in a crowded marketplace. I teach creatives and artivists like you to use unorthodox storytelling to build a legacy that you can be proud of.

For practical tips on how to use unorthodox storytelling to get paid for your art download my free guide where I give you all the insider information on how to sell more of your art in just 30 days

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If you are still more of a wantrepreneur than an entrepreneur or you just want to learn more how to build a business that serves you instead of drains you then check out the Entrepreneurship section. 


Part of changing the single narrative that surrounds black lives throughout the diaspora is sharing stories that are not often heard. To learn about these "other" black stories and issues about race, womanism, media, TCK culture and the various African continental stories check out my youtube channel at The Black TCK ,


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I wouldn't be worth my weight in trash if I didn't show you that I'm actually living what I'm talking about. For the ups and downs of my attempts to live what I preach as well as access to my art check out the Lifestyle section: 

I can't wait to make awesome things happen with you. 

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